Building a Montessori Bookshelf For Your Kids Room

When it comes to raising children, few philosophies are as influential as the Montessori approach. This approach combines respect for the child’s natural curiosity with thoughtful guidance and creative learning tools, such as the ever-popular Montessori bookshelf. If you’re looking for ways to make use of your home or classroom to promote learning, then building a Montessori bookshelf should be at the top of your list!  Let’s take a closer look at what this bookshelf has to offer and how it can benefit your little one. 

What is a Montessori Bookshelf? 

The Montessori bookshelf is a unique storage piece designed to help foster independence in young children. It has two levels of shelves that can be used to store books, educational materials, toys, and other items. The top level is accessible by small ladders or stools while the bottom shelf is low enough that children can easily reach it on their own. This encourages kids to become more independent by accessing their own materials without needing help from an adult. In addition, since the bookcase has two different height levels, it allows children of all ages (toddlers up through elementary school) to find items that are appropriate for them. 

How Can I Build a Montessori Bookshelf? 

Building a Montessori bookshelf doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! All you need are basic woodworking supplies—a drill, saw, sandpaper, screws—as well as some wood boards in various sizes depending on how big you want your shelf to be. Once you have all these supplies ready, mark off where you want each shelf board and ladder/stool legs and cut accordingly before sanding down any rough edges so they won’t snag clothing or skin when touched. Finally, attach all pieces together with screws and you’re good to go! Assembling a bookcase like this shouldn’t take much more than a few hours if done correctly. 

How Can Kids Use The Montessori Bookshelf? 

Once built, the possibilities for what kinds of activities can happen on the Montessori bookshelf are virtually endless! Kids can use it for reading time by arranging favorite stories on the upper shelves or placing interesting non-fiction titles within easy reach on lower shelves. They can also store art supplies within arm’s reach so they can work independently whenever inspiration strikes! Or maybe even set up science experiments or puzzles for older kids who need an extra challenge during playtime. No matter how kids choose to use their new bookcase, they will get plenty of practice exercising their creativity while gaining valuable independence skills in the process!  

Creating a Montessori bookshelf is an excellent way to bring elements of the Montessori philosophy into your home or classroom setting. Not only does it provide storage space for educational materials and toys but also encourages children of all ages to explore independently while practicing self-reliance skills along the way! With just some basic woodworking tools and supplies plus a few hours of time spent measuring and cutting boards, anyone can create this helpful tool that will spark imagination and give kids countless opportunities for creative playtime fun!

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