A Look Inside Casita Montessori School in Portland, Oregon

Casita Montessori School in Portland, Oregon is a unique and innovative learning environment that caters to children from toddler through sixth grade. The school follows the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, which combines mixed-age classrooms, student-directed learning, and an emphasis on fostering independence and self-discipline. Let’s take a look inside this extraordinary school to see what makes it so special.

What Ages Of Students Attend?

The school caters to students between the ages of 2 ½ and 12 years old. Each classroom comprises students of varying ages, with one or two teachers assigned to each room. This allows for a natural mentoring system where older children can help younger ones as appropriate. Additionally, classes are kept small (usually no more than 20-24 students) to ensure that each child gets the attention they need from their teacher(s).

How Do Students Learn?

At Casita Montessori School, there is a strong emphasis on student-directed learning. Along with traditional lessons such as reading, writing and math instruction, children are also encouraged to explore their own interests in an independent manner within the structure of the classroom environment. The teachers act as guides rather than lecturers – they provide resources and support but are careful not to interfere with or overly direct a child’s learning process. Additionally, there is an emphasis on developing practical life skills such as cleaning up after oneself and caring for others in order to help foster independence in each child.

Casita Montessori School in Portland has been providing its unique educational experience since 1997 and has built an impressive reputation based on its commitment to personalized education for all its students. By combining small class sizes with student-directed learning opportunities and a focus on practical life skills, Casita provides a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow at their own pace while building self-confidence along the way. If you’re looking for an alternative educational option for your child in Portland be sure to check out Casita Montessori School!

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