Harmony Montessori School: An Innovative Learning Experience

For students seeking an engaging, hands-on learning experience, the Harmony Montessori school in Portland, Oregon is a great option. This school teaches children from preschool through eighth grade, and offers a unique, personalized approach to education. Let’s take a closer look at how Harmony Montessori works.

The Montessori Method of Education

At Harmony Montessori School, students learn with the Montessori method of education. This method emphasizes self-directed activities and hands-on learning experiences that develop the child’s natural curiosity and creativity. The goal is for students to gain knowledge by exploring their environment in order to understand it better. At Harmony Montessori School, this means allowing students to explore topics they are interested in while guiding them towards more complex concepts as they progress through school.

Ages of Students

Harmony Montessori enrolls students from preschool (age 3) all the way up until 8th grade (14 years old). The school recognizes that young children can benefit greatly from engaging and interactive learning experiences such as those offered by the Montessori method; thus, there are several classrooms for younger and older elementary aged children alike throughout the building.

Curriculum & Extra-Curricular Activities    

At Harmony Montessori School, core subjects like math and science are taught alongside PE and art classes —a holistic approach that allows for real-world application of learned concepts. In addition to academic studies, there are plenty of extra-curricular activities available such as music lessons, sports teams, and debate clubs that allow students to explore new hobbies or hone existing skills outside of the classroom setting. These activities also offer a great opportunity for socialization with other kids in their age group —an important factor in personal growth!

Who Attends Harmony Montessori School? 

Harmony Montessori School serves children from ages 3-12. The school is divided into three levels: Primary (ages 3-6), Elementary (ages 6-9), and Middle (ages 9-12). Each level has its own curriculum tailored to the age of the students, but all levels focus on developing self-directed learning skills and encouraging intellectual curiosity. 

How do Students Learn at Harmony? 

At Harmony Montessori School, students are encouraged to direct their own education by exploring their interests and curiosities. Instead of a teacher lecturing at the front of the classroom for most of the day like in traditional schools, teachers at Harmony act as facilitators who guide the students’ learning process without dictating it. This encourages creativity and critical thinking among the students and allows them to have a stake in their education process. Additionally, all classes are taught in small groups so that teachers can give more individualized attention when needed.  

At each level, there are also field trips designed to take advantage of Portland’s natural beauty as well as visits from guest speakers who talk about various topics related to the curriculum. These activities help keep classes interesting while still introducing new material that can be explored further in class discussions or research projects. Finally, there are also electives such as music theory or art history which allow students to gain more knowledge outside the scope of their regular courses. 

Harmony Montessori School offers an innovative educational experience for children aged three to fourteen years old. By utilizing the guided exploration approach provided by the Montessori method of teaching, students can explore their interests while still being challenged academically through core subject courses and extra-curricular activities. With its focus on holistic development — both physically and emotionally — Harmony is a great choice for parents looking for an enriched educational program for their child!

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